Whether looking to learn something new or just striving to improve an existing skill,  finding the right teacher is a critical step. Having taught hundreds of people over the past 20 years, I've learned that every student is slightly unique when it comes to learning. It only makes sense to try to personally taylor lessons to each student's wants and needs.

It is my goal to give each student the tools they need to play the music they want to play. The difference you'll find in my approach is that while teaching fundamental skills and theory, I believe it is just as important to let the student choose the songs they'll be working on. I am, however, happy to guide the student who just isn't sure what they want yet. 

My student performances are also quite unique...they're not your average recital. For the last ten years I've been working with students to give them real performance experience, it's a true rock n' roll fantasy. Complete with stage and professional back up band ready to follow your lead! Students from 7 to 70 yrs old (and up) have had a blast playing songs they once dreamed about playing on stage.

No matter how old you are, what style you like or what level you're at, its time to take the next step!